Dry Red Chilli:

The deep red colour, least spiciness and negligible pungency make Byadgi one of the most popular variants of red chillies. Produced in haveri district of Karnataka, Byadagi is one of the highly demanded red chilly varieties in Indian and International markets. It’s a kind of wrinkled, long and dark red colored dried red chilli that has health enriching vitamins and minerals. You can get Byadgi dried red chillies in different forms in the market like byadgi chilli with stem, byadgi chilli without stem, crushed dried red chilli flakes and dried red chilli powder.

Dry Chilli Powder:

Red chilli powder is an inevitable spice of most of the Indian dishes. Indian spicy food preparations of almost any kind get a touch of red chilli powder for a bright red color and a hot, tongue tingling flavor.

Dry Chilli Flakes:

Red chilli flakes or red pepper flakes are nothing but the crushed form of the red peppers or red chillies. These are widely used in food preparations to add a mint of spiciness and a hot peppery flavour. Sauces, soups, pickles and curries get the touch of chilli flakes most often.